Reneta Bozhankova is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Slavic Studies at the University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski. Her habilitation thesis ‘Russian Postmodern Text’ was published in 2002. Reneta Bozhankova is a lecturer and researcher, with interests covering East-European Slavic cultures and literatures, especially their presentation and development on the Internet, aspects of New media texts and practices in the region, cyberculture and e-literature. Currently she is participating in projects investigating e-publishing and e-learning in Slavic Studies.

At the OII Reneta Bozhnakova will further her research on new and emerging genres and activities on the Internet with an accent on the expressions of nostalgia in the beginning of the 21st century. The field of study also includes the differentiation of the characteristic national features in online texts and images representing East-European and Balkan virtual culture.

Positions held at the OII

  • Visiting Scholar, September 2007