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Tobias Kuttler

Research Associate

Tobias Kuttler

Research Associate

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Tobias is a geographer and urban planner with a research focus on the interrelations of urban development, mobility and platform work. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Fairwork Secretariat based at the Berlin Social Science Research Center (WZB). In the Fairwork project, Tobias coordinates the Fairwork’s regional activities in Europe and co-coordinates the project’s research activities in several countries in South America and Asia. He is involved in the Fairwork Observatory’s cloudwork campaign on translation and transcription platforms.

Prior to his engagement in the Fairwork project, he was a research associate at TU Berlin (Chair of Work, Technology and Participation) and a PhD scholar at TU Munich and University of Hamburg.

Tobias has a regional research interest in South Asia, particularly India, where he was involved in research projects in Telangana and Tamil Nadu. His recently submitted PhD thesis focuses on the continuities and changes in the taxi sector of Mumbai, in the context of the emergence of digital mobility platforms. By researching both platform and metered taxi driver’s everyday driving practices and socialities, he investigated the embeddedness of platform mobilities in the socio-spatial networks of the established metered taxi sector.

Research Interests

Platform work, urban inequalities, spatial development, mobilities and transportation, urban planning

Positions at the OII

  • Research Associate, June 2023 -