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Dr Rami Amin

Former DPhil Student

Dr Rami Amin

Former DPhil Student


Rami Amin was a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford, who focused on the use of experimental methods to explore political science research questions and themes. His thesis investigated the impact of visibility and transparency on democratic participation and civic behavior, and was fully funded by the Oxford University Press Clarendon Scholarship.

He holds an MPP from Harvard University, where he was awarded the Policy and International Affairs Fellowship, as well as the Harvard Club Award. His final year policy analysis essay for the Berkman Center for Internet and Society – which explored strategies for citizen activism and political mobilization – was nominated for top departmental honors. While at Harvard, he was an at-large editor for the Kennedy School Review, a founding board member of the Digital Advisory Board, and student chair of the faculty search committee. Rami also conducted research at Harvard Law School on statutory frameworks governing online social media, and also worked as a research assistant at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center for Press, Politics, and Public Policy, where he explored innovative business models for collaboration between old and new media.

Prior to entering Harvard, Rami was awarded the Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship at Princeton University, where he focused on international relations and methods for public policy analysis.

Outside of academia, Rami was named a Google Public Policy Fellow in 2010, and collaborated with the Citizen Lab to investigate Internet censorship and information filtering through both a human rights paradigm and as an economic issue subject to regulation and adjudication under international trade law.

Before coming to Oxford Rami conducted research on cyber warfare and international law for the ECIR project, an interdisciplinary research team at MIT exploring the international relations and law of the cyber domain.

While at Oxford Rami was the Research Coordinator of the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute, which has a mission to cultivate and support advanced research that requires contributions from multiple disciplines across the university, and that has high potential impact, and may be radical or speculative.

In addition to his doctoral work Rami was elected to serve as President of the Oxford University Clarendon Scholars Association, and was also elected to serve as President of the Balliol Collegepostgraduate student body.

As a Clarendon Scholar, Rami’s doctoral studies were fully funded by the Oxford University Press Clarendon Award.

Research interests

Experimental methods in social science research, democratic participation, international law and governance, public policy analysis, social theories of civic behavior and political participation

Positions at the OII

  • DPhil Student, October 2011 - April 2018