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Marta Ziosi

Research Assistant, DPhil Student

Marta Ziosi

Research Assistant, DPhil Student

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Marta Ziosi is a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. Her research revolves around the use of data-driven risk-assessment tools in the Criminal Justice System. She focuses on alternative methods in machine learning to centre policies around prevention, rather than prediction, of crime. Marta Ziosi is the co-founder of AI for People (, a non-profit research organization that promotes the use of AI with respect for human and social needs.

Marta holds a BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy from University College Maastricht and a MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. She spent a semester abroad at UC Berkeley, where her interest in topics at the crossroads of technology and social sciences further developed. In recent years she has worked on AI Policy for The Future Society and for DG CNECT at the European Commission.

She also contributed to computational creativity research at University College Dublin and taught Philosophy of Science at University College Maastricht.

Research Interests

Marta’s interests lie in interdisciplinary approaches to Machine Learning and in the mutual influence that AI and Society exert on each other, especially in the field of algorithmic fairness.

Positions at the OII

  • Research Assistant, October 2022 -
  • DPhil Student, October 2020 -



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