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Marie-Therese Png

DPhil Student

Marie-Therese Png

DPhil Student


Marie-Therese is a British, Afro-Caribbean and Chinese-Singaporean individual whose DPhil Research lives at the intersections of technology justice, environmental justice and decoloniality. Her research bridges activism, policy, academia and industry. As a Part Time student at the OII, she is also a Consultant for Google DeepMind and social impact advisor for Her academic works include Decolonial Theory as Socio-technical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence Research, and Critical Roles of Global South Stakeholders in Artificial Intelligence Governance. With a background in ecology, she developed the Deep Sustainability AI program at the London School of Economics and continues to facilitate transnational alliance building between technology and environmental justice practitioners in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Previously, she was Technology Advisor in New York leading on the design and implementation of the UN Secretary General’s Digital Cooperation Office, with a special focus on strategic representation of low-middle income member states.

Research Interests

Al ethics, Al safety, science technology and society, digital divides, equity, public policy, global goverannce, internet geography, human behaviour, decolonisation theory, critical data studies, intercultural information ethics, digital and social exclusion, algorithms.

Positions at the OII

  • DPhil Student, October 2018 -


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