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Julia Lefkowitz

Former DPhil Student

Julia Lefkowitz

Former DPhil Student


‘Tabloidization’ is a term often used on the basis of intuition rather than empirical data. Through linguistic means, Julia’s thesis aims to substantiate recent putative shifts in British tabloid and ‘quality’ newspapers which have transpired as a function of the rise and widespread use of ICTs. Possible changes in journalistic values are of particular importance in view of the relationship between the media and democracy, as represented in Habermas’ conceptualization of the public sphere. Examined is the possibility of a reconfiguration of the present-day public sphere as a function of the Internet and its ubiquity.

Julia has published work on this topic in addition to several studies of transatlantic scandals. As an M.A. student at the American University of Paris, Julia’s thesis investigated the rise of what she termed ‘authenticity’ as a journalistic value in French ‘quality’ newspapers. She hopes to eventually extend her thesis research to cross-national contexts.

Beyond her thesis research, Julia has a wide range of academic interests including branding, consumer culture, material culture, and film studies.

Research Interests

Tabloidization, Online Journalism, Journalism and Democracy, Public Sphere, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis.

Positions at the OII

  • DPhil Student, October 2016 - April 2021


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