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Bill Thompson

Advisory Board Member

Bill Thompson

Advisory Board Member

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Bill has been working in, on and around the Internet since 1984, thinking, writing and speaking about how digital technologies are changing our world and how the network can be a force for good. During the 1990’s he was Internet Ambassador for PIPEX, the UK’s first commercial ISP, where he developed websites for Comic Relief, the Edinburgh Fringe and Anne Campbell MP before moving to Guardian Newspapers as head of new media. He established the paper’s first website in 1994 and was responsible for many online projects, including in 1996.

He has written widely about the need for the internet to serve civil society and about the model of a digital public space and was a member of the board of Creative Exchange, the AHRC-funded Knowledge Exchange Lab exploring digital public spaces. He is a former National Centre for Writing, Britten Sinfonia, and Cambridge Film Trust board member.

Bill currently leads Future Value Research in BBC Research & Development. He is also well-known as a technology journalist and advisor to arts and cultural organisations on matters related to digital technologies. From January 2001 to April 2023, he was the regular studio expert on the BBC World Service technology programme Digital Planet (aka Go Digital and Click). He still appears on air as an independent commentator. He is an Adjunct Professor at Southampton University and a member of the board of the Web Science Trust. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts by Anglia Ruskin University. in 2016. He is also the editor and CTO of the website, offering advice and support to staff working for MPs.

Positions at the OII

  • Advisory Board Member, October 2023 -


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