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Dr Aliaksandr Herasimenka

Research Associate

Dr Aliaksandr Herasimenka

Research Associate


Dr Aliaksandr Herasimenka is a political communication scholar. He focuses on digital propaganda, communication in authoritarian countries like China and Russia, and advanced computational methods. He is a fellow at the Oxford Martin Programme on Misinformation, Science, and Media.

Dr Herasimenka’s work investigates how political groups and governments use AI and social media to campaign or manipulate public opinion. He also studies how the reliance on digital technologies changes the organizational structures of people behind political campaigning.

His current research projects focus on pressing emergencies, including the war in Ukraine and climate change. He is familiar with multiple programming environments and software. He designs scientific tools to track and analyze how narratives about these emergencies circulate in the global communication environment.

Dr Herasimenka holds teaching and research positions at University of Oxford and University of Westminster. He also taught at Middlesex University, University College London, and University of Portsmouth. He teaches social data science, journalism, digital research methods, and political and communication theories.

Research Interests

Political communication, computational methods, digital media, social movements, political disinformation, messaging platforms.

Positions at the OII

  • Research Associate, June 2022 -
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, April 2020 - June 2023


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Integrity Statement

I conduct my research in line with the University's academic integrity code of practice.



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