Patrick Gildersleve graduated from the DPhil in Information, Communication & the Social Sciences.

Patrick graduated with a Masters in Physics (MPhys) from Oxford in 2016, his masters project focusing on de-anonymizing economic network data to identify tax evading firms.

In his DPhil research Patrick now works on studying the news and Wikipedia. In this work he seeks to characterise what current events are recorded and accessed on the online encyclopaedia, understand how their access patterns can be used to re-address and reshape theories of news values and newsworthiness, and model the evolution of peaks in collective attention in response to current events. To accomplish this he employs and develops various cutting edge methods from network science, machine learning, and time series analysis.

Beyond his DPhil work, Patrick is establishing his own broader research agenda, with themes centred around computational, social, and network science approaches towards collaborative systems, news media, and wider questions of collective attention, memory, and action. He is also keenly interested in the interaction between different online platforms and how information and individuals move between them.

Research interests

  • Wikis
  • News media
  • Complex networks
  • Collective attention
  • Computational social science

Positions held at the OII

  • Teaching Assistant Online Social Networks 2018, 2019
  • Teaching Assistant Python for Social Data Science 2018
  • Research Assistant Computational Romance Project 2018
  • Teaching Assistant Scripting for Social Scientists (Python) 2017
  • DPhil Student 2016 – Present

Supervisors at the OII


Past projects