Marcel Schliebs graduated from the DPhil in Social Data Science in 2023 and from the MSc in Social Data Science in 2020.

Marcel’s research is at the intersection of political science, statistics and computer science. He is interested in developing data-driven methodology for studying elections, including forecasting and monitoring democratic integrity in cyber space.


Past projects


  • TikTok battles to stay ‘apolitical’ ahead of US election

    22 October 2020 The Financial Times

    TikTok, the short-video app known for hosting viral dance challenges and comedy skits, has said it aspires to be an “uplifting and welcoming app environment” for millions of young users.

  • How Democracy is Hacked

    4 October 2020 Deutschlandfunk

    Can algorithms, internet trolls and malware endanger democracy? In the social networks, false reports, half-truths and interpretations circulate across all borders.