Jorge’s research concerns ‘The structure of mobilization online networks against antipiracy law: supranational and national activism in the European Union: the case of Spain’. His specific areas of interest are collective action, new technologies (Internet and mobile communications) and their political effects. The core theorectical framework of his thesis is economical neo-institutionalism and social network theory. His main methodological approach is the use of webometrics (web link analysis and web text analysis) and traditional content analysis.

Jorge is a member of the Polnet (‘political participation and Internet in Spain’) research project, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and also contributes in the Spanish team to the European project about project participation. He has experience in teaching and as a political consultant. At the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona he has been an assistant teacher of Political Science for two years and at the Externado University in Bogota, Colombia, he worked as a teacher in the subjects of Introductions to Political Science and Political Ideas. His undergraduate degree is in Government and International Relations and he has also studied a Major in Philosophy of Science.

Research interests

new media, Internet governance, collective action, political participation

Positions held at the OII

  • Visiting Doctoral Student, May – September 2010