John Taylor is Professor of Government and Information Management at Caledonian Business School, Glasgow. He has worked on a number of major UK research programmes including the ESRC’s Programme on Information & Communications Technologies (PICT) and the Virtual Society Programme, focusing on the diffusion and uptake by governments and NGOs of information and communication technologies. His most recent work (with Eleanor Burt, St Andrews) addresses emergent new public policy initiatives in the UK and in other parts of Europe aimed at the formation of new governance structures that draw together government, private sector and voluntary sector organisations in the development and implementation of public policy.

John Taylor co-convenes the European Group of Public Administration’s Study Group on ICTs in Public Administration (also with Miriam Lips). He is editor of the international journal ‘Information Policy’.

Positions held at the OII

  • Research Associate, March 2006 – August 2010
  • Visiting Fellow, February 2005 – February 2006
  • Visiting Fellow, February – October 2004


Past projects

  • Personal identification and identity management in new modes of e-government

    Participants: Professor Miriam Lips, Dr Joe Organ, Professor John Taylor

    Gathering empirical data on a variety of digital means for constructing and managing the citizen's identity in e-Government service relationships, and exploring varying relationships between the citizen and government in different policy fields.