Joe’s DPhil research is examining disruption and innovation within the ‘PropTech’ industry. In particular, he is interested in the market effects of platforms that promise heightened accuracy and efficiency in the property valuation process. His research seeks to explain how such technologies are transforming property market practices, and how this is affecting different processes and spaces of urbanisation.

Joe studied at the University of Manchester and spent five years working in architectural practice and construction before pursuing a MSc in urban geography at the London School of Economics. Here he conducted ethnographic research surrounding the volunteer recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. More recently, he worked as a Senior Analyst for Human Digital, a digital research agency owned by M&C Saatchi.

Research interests

Digital urbanism, information geographies, urbanisation, real estate, finance and ‘financialisation’, marketing, political economy, risk/disaster, gentrification, regeneration, PropTech, FinTech, Smart Cities, IoT/IoE, the geoweb, user-generated content, post-politics, cybernetics, Henri Lefebvre, Jean Baudrillard, ethnography, digital mapping, digital methods

Positions held at the OII

  • Research Assistant, January 2015 – December 2015
  • DPhil student, October 2014 –





  • SHAW, J. and GRAHAM, M. (2018) "Ein informationelles Recht auf Stadt? Code, Content, Kontrolle und die Urbanisierung von Information" In: Smart City - Kritische Perspektiven auf die Digitalisierung in Städten Bauriedl, S. and Strüver, A. (eds.). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag. 177-204.
  • Shaw, J. and Graham, M. (2017) "An Informational Right to the City? Code, Content, Control, and the Urbanization of Information" In: The Right to the City: A Verso Report. London: Verso.

Journal articles

Internet publications

  • Shaw, J. (2017) Book Review: Networks of New York: An Internet Infrastructure Field Guide by Ingrid Burrington. LSE Review of Books.


  • Dwyer, A. and Shaw, J. (2017) Place-faking: fermenting resistance through digital productions of space. RGS-IBG London.
  • Shaw, J.S. (2017) Our Digital Rights to the City. Museum of Architecture, London, UK..
  • Shaw, J.S. (2017) Data-Driven Gentrification: small data and the dissolving city. University of York, UK..