Jo Tacchi (MA Sussex, Ph.D. University College London) is a social anthropologist specialising in ethnographic research on old and new media technologies. She is a Senior Research Fellow in the Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre (CIRAC) of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. She has conducted research on radio and the Internet in the UK, Australia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Jo has established a streaming studio in the Creative Industries Faculty of QUT to house projects exploring new streaming technologies and content creation. The first streaming website to be developed is for experimental music (EMIT). Jo is currently developing the Youth Internet Radio Network, which marks a significant development within CIRAC that takes forward the combination of research processes that integrate theory development with creative practice. At the OII Jo worked on a number of research projects. She worked with UNESCO to test and develop ‘ethnographic action research’ for their ICT and Poverty Reduction Programme in South Asia. She conducted research in Liverpool exploring the experiences and motivations behind participation in community based Internet initiatives and she brought together (with Professor Stephen Coleman) interested partners to explore the development of a UK version of the Youth Internet Radio Network. Jo is also working with colleagues from the LSE, UCL and Adelaide University to conduct a Department for International Development funded four country comparative study of new media technologies and poor communities in India, Jamaica, Ghana and South Africa.

Positions held at the OII

  • Visiting Fellow, February – September 2003