Dr Huw C. Davies

Huw's interests and projects can be broadly described as digital sociology - the study of how society shapes technology and vice versa.

Email: huw.davies@oii.ox.ac.uk

Tel: 01590 616995

Research interests:

  • Digital inequalities particularly relative to educational inequalities.
  • Young people’s digital skills and literacies.
  • Filter bubbles, mis/disinformation & conspiracy theories.Digital methodologies including graph databases and ontologies.
  • Social theory; especially Bourdieu, Foucault, and Critical Realism.
  • Children’s safety &  privacy online relative to the Internet of Toys.
  • The sociology of crowd working and freelancing that is mediated by digital platforms.
  • The relationship between AI and education now and in the future.

Huw is a co-convenor of the BSA’s Digital Sociology Study Group which seeks to provide a forum for sociologists who are using digital methods and critically examining digital technology’s impact on society. Because technology doesn’t exist outside of society, Huw is committed to helping to make the sociology of race, gender, and class central to the study of digital technology,

Positions held at the OII

  • Researcher, June 2015 –

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Current projects

Past projects

  • Child safety on the Internet: looking beyond ICT actors

    Participants: Dr Vicki Nash, Dr Huw Davies

    This project will map the range of non-ICT companies engaging digitally with children and identify areas where their actions might affect a child’s exposure to online risks such as data theft, adverse online experiences or sexual exploitation.

  • Tackling Digital Inequality Amongst Young People: The Home Internet Access Initiative

    Participants: Professor Rebecca Eynon, Dr Huw C. Davies, Laura Pinkerton

    This participatory research project explores a two year initiative that provides all year 10 students with a laptop and Internet connection if they require one at home in three secondary schools.

  • Transmedia Literacy

    Participants: Professor Rebecca Eynon, Dr Cristobal Cobo, Dr Huw C. Davies, Laura Pinkerton

    The transliteracy project aims to examine how young people use technology to learn outside formal educational settings.

  • Using graph databases to conceptualise social class: a proof of concept study

    Participants: Professor Rebecca Eynon, Dr Huw C. Davies

    This study will critically examine the value of graph databases for the social sciences through a focus on social class.


Conference papers

  • Davies, H.C., Halford, S.J. and Gibbins, N. (2012) "Digital Natives?", Proceedings of the 3rd Annual ACM Web Science Conference on - WebSci '12. the 3rd Annual ACM Web Science Conference, 22 – 24 June 2012. ACM Press. volume 78-81.

Journal articles


  • Why education is the only antidote to fake news

    19 February 2018 The New Statesman

    Opinion piece by OII's Dr Huw Davies on how education may be the only way to combat disinformation, and what provisions currently exist in England and Wales

  • Five ways politicians can win over young voters

    25 June 2017 BBC News

    Surveillance, misuse of data, privacy and hacking are all issues that Dr Huw Davies of the Oxford Internet Institute believes young voters of the future will be concerned about.