Professor Anne Trefethen is a Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre. The Centre is an interdisciplinary centre working with research units across the University to develop new tools and technologies and to enable e-Research activities. Before joining Oxford University, Anne was the Director of the UK e-Science Core Programme, having been the Deputy Director for four years. The Core Programme focused on the generic issues for e-Science applications and Grid infrastructure through the development of appropriate middleware and infrastructure in collaboration with UK industry.

Anne has worked for almost 20 years in industry and academia with a focus on numerical algorithms and software, computational science and high-performance computing. She was VP for research and development at NAG Ltd, developing a range of scientific, statistical and high performance libraries produced, Associate Director for Scientific Computational Support at the Cornell Theory Center and previously a research scientist at both the Theory Centre and Thinking Machines Corporation.

Research interests


Positions held at the OII

  • Research Associate, November 2006 – November 2019


Past projects

  • The e-Horizons Institute

    Participants: Professor William H. Dutton, Professor Paul Allan David, Professor Ralph Schroeder, Dr Marina Jirotka, Professor Anne Trefethen, Professor Paul Jeffreys, Professor Eric T. Meyer

    The e-Horizons Institute researched the coming technological breakthroughs in e-science that will have cross-sector social and economic implications as they are taken up by business, government and other actors.

  • Embedding e-science applications: designing and managing for usability

    Participants: Professor Ralph Schroeder, Dr Marina Jirotka, Professor Anne Trefethen, Grace de la Flor, Sharon Lloyd, Mustafizur Rahman, Dr Monica Schraefel, Dimitrina Spencer, Andrew Warr

    The 'embedding e-science applications' project addressed the difficulty of managing requirements for usability in e-science projects, and developing collaborative approaches to system development that allow for communication of these requirements.