OII Internet and Society AwardsThe Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford, has today announced the launch of the “OII Internet and Society Awards”, to mark its tenth anniversary year. These awards, to be presented at a gala dinner and awards ceremony will recognise publicly some of the individuals and organisations that have played a pivotal role in shaping the extraordinary ecosystem that is today’s Internet.

Professor Viktor Mayer Schoenberger, OII Anniversary Committee Chair, said: “Over the last decade, the Internet has had a profound impact on our society. Through the Internet and Society awards we acknowledge those that have shaped how we utilize the Internet. Following the model of today’s Web 2.0, we reach out to the Internet users and ask for nominations. Acknowledge your personal Internet heroes, go to http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/awards/ and let us know!”.

Public nominations are being invited for the following awards:

  • Best UK Internet Journalist, for journalists working for online and offline news organisations, which may include trade and specialist press.

  • Best UK Internet Politician, for national or local politicians who have made excellent use of the Internet in the exercise of their public duties, or who have made the most significant contribution to the spread, use or shaping of the Internet for the public good.

  • Best UK Internet Non-profit, for non-government organisations whose work has made a significant contribution to the spread, use or shaping of the Internet for public good.

  • Best UK Internet Public Body, for the national or local government body, or Quango, that has made best use of the Internet to promote public good.

Nominations can be registered until April 15 2011.

This year’s Internet & Society awards will be presented at the OII’s Tenth Anniversary Gala Dinner on 22 September 2011, before a remarkable group of famous Internet pioneers from around the world.

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