The Oxford Internet Insitute has today held a networking event for experimental researchers, organised in collaboration with the Said Business School, University of Oxford. This meeting, jointly organised by Professor Helen Margetts and Nir Vulkan, was intended to bring together researchers from different disciplines across the University with an interest in conducting laboratory-based computer experiments.

Building on the OII-Said Oxford Experimental Laboratory (OXLab) with its database of about 800 volunteers, the aim was to develop ideas for common research projects that could eventually result in a dedicated experimental computer lab for Social Science research at Oxford University.

There was broad support among the attendees for such an endeavour that could benefit not only the Oxford Social Science research community but also the University as a whole by attracting experimental researchers to Oxford as well as providing valuable training resources for students. The collaboration is ongoing.

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We constantly seek volunteers for our experiments and you might be interested to know that we pay our participants! Experiments are simple and completely anonymous. They usually involve some form of decision making in an economic context or navigating the World Wide Web. To find out more, visit OXlab’s Online Recruitment System.

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