• Why was my tweet about football labelled abusive?

    18 July 2021, BBC News

    Online hate has been in the headlines again recently due to an avalanche of racist posts directed at three players who missed penalties in England's defeat to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

  • Covid ticketing rules exclude people not online from major events

    1 July 2021, Guardian

    Campaigners call on entertainment and sport sectors to ensure inclusion of those without access. People without internet access face being shut out of major sporting events because Covid restrictions have moved some ticket sales exclusively online.

  • China state TV channel CGTN enlists UK student influencers

    16 June 2021, The Times

    China’s state TV station has been targeting British university campuses and offering students the chance to win thousands of pounds by becoming pro-Beijing social media influencers, The Times can reveal.

  • AI Algorithms Get Tripped Up in Fighting Hate Speech

    7 June 2021, Wall Street Journal

    One of the most comprehensive studies to date on the effectiveness of online hate-speech filters underscores a shortcoming many social-media users know firsthand: They don’t always catch hateful speech.

  • Belabored: Back to Work

    4 June 2021, Dissent magazine

    If you’re nervous about going back to work, you’re not the only one. Workers and labor advocates discuss what the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions might mean for workplace safety and labor rights.

  • Belarus forced down a plane because it couldn’t shut down an app

    28 May 2021, Washington Post

    When Belarusian authorities forced down a Ryanair jet flying from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday, the goal was arresting Raman Pratasevich, a journalist and a key leader of the Belarusian protest movement that has been particularly active in the past year