• ‘Deepfake is the future of content creation’

    7 March 2021, BBC News

    At the top of the hour, regular news anchor Kim Joo-Ha started to go through the day's headlines. It was a relatively normal list of stories for late 2020 - full of Covid-19 and pandemic response updates.

  • BBC Click ‘The Next Level’

    6 March 2021, BBC News

    How gaming has helped people with their mental health through the pandemic featuring expert interview with Professor Andy Przybylski.

  • Will algorithms always be biased?

    2 March 2021, BBC Digital Planet

    Can bias in algorithms be removed? The Incoming Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, tablets in Malawi helping girls stay in school and online learning via your games console.

  • Deepfake TikTok videos of Tom Cruise watched by millions

    2 March 2021, The Times

    Tom Cruise looks at the camera. “I’m going to show you some magic,” he says holding up a coin. “It’s the real thing”, the Hollywood actor insists, giving his trademark laugh and making the coin disappear. “It’s all the real thing.”

  • Uber loses gig workers rights challenge in UK Supreme Court

    19 February 2021, Tech Crunch

    Uber has lost a long running employment tribunal challenge in the UK’s Supreme Court — with the court dismissing the ride-hailing giant’s appeal and reaffirming earlier rulings that drivers who brought the case are workers, not independent contractors.

  • Does more gaming make you happy?

    18 February 2021, Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Researchers have examined whether people are worse off when they spend a lot of time playing computer games. One thing is certain: You must not rely on the information given by the players.

  • Computer says go: Taking orders from an AI boss

    15 February 2021, BBC News

    Will your future boss be a computer? If your first thought upon reading that sentence was "well it would be an improvement on my current human one," you wouldn't be alone.

  • Afternoons on BBC Oxford

    9 February 2021, BBC News

    Listen to Professor Victoria Nash, Deputy Director, OII, University of Oxford speaking to BBC Radio Oxford presenter Adam Ball about digital parenting and how we can help keep children safe online as we mark Safer Internet Day 13m06s-19m06s