• Inside Scoop podcast

    21 September 2021, Inside Scoop

    What will the FUTURE look like? In this podcast from Avory & Co, founder Sean D. Emory talks to OII researcher Dr Fabian Stephany about the impact of this revolution on the future of work.

  • Is social media toxic for teenagers?

    18 September 2021, BBC News

    Broadcast journalist Rebecca Kesby, BBC Worldwide speaks to Professor Andrew Przybylski about the impact of social media on teenagers and their mental health. (Interview at 45m.00s: 52m.00s)

  • Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls

    15 September 2021, Wall Street Journal

    The WSJ's own in-depth research shows a significant teen mental-health issue that Facebook plays down in public, with commentary from OII academic Professor Andrew Przybylski.

  • Who is the proptech leader: UK or US?

    10 September 2021, Property Week

    In July, Property Week and Freeths hosted a digital think tank entitled ‘UK versus US property sector: who is the digital leader and who is the laggard?’

  • The Children’s Code protecting kids online

    7 September 2021, BBC Digital Planet

    Programme includes a report on the online gaming ban for teenagers in China, featuring expert comment from Professor Andrew Przybylski. Report Report runs 20mins 15secs until 28mins 50secs.

  • Wikipedia has a language problem

    6 September 2021, Salon

    Wikipedia’s non-English editions are vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. Why not create one Wikipedia for all?

  • China invents Swiss expert for Wuhan lab propaganda

    12 August 2021, The Times

    China’s state media have been accused of spreading fake news and attempting to discredit the World Health Organisation after quoting a Swiss biologist who does not appear to exist.