• Internet Openness creates ‘unity’

    16 February 2011, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

    Joss Wright and former British Ambassador to Iran discuss on Radio 4's flagship news programme whether the US administration's decision to back greater internet openness will make any real difference.

  • German Developers release digital eraser software

    25 January 2011, Deutsche Welle

    New software released in Germany allows Internet users to choose an expiry date for online photos. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger welcomes the innovation but says success will depend on several factors. He asks if X-pire is trying to do too much.

  • Facebook Changes its ‘Friend Finder’ over German privacy worries

    24 January 2011, Deutsche Welle

    German privacy concerns have led to Facebook giving users more control over the use of their private contacts. It's not clear if this only applies to Germany or if much will be changed by the new policy: Viktor Mayer-Shönberger is sceptical.

  • China’s Internet Spying

    24 January 2011, Asian Sentinel

    'Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk' the study co-authored by Ian Brown is quoted in an article about allegations of Chinese government sponsored computer hacking, suggesting that attacks could be government originated, but not necessarily.

  • Cyber warfare is unlikely

    18 January 2011, BBC Radio Oxford

    Coverage of the OECD study 'Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk' coauthored by Ian Brown, on Joel Hammer morning news show.