• Ofcom appoints nine new board members

    10 February 2009, mobile news

    Professor William Dutton, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at Oxford University, is appointed as Chair of Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England and Member of the Advisory Committee for the South East region

  • Democracy on the line: The Fifth Estate?

    1 January 2009, Oxford Today

    In an in-depth article on the power of the Internet and its capacity to change lives, Bill Dutton describes how it has also enabled a "Fifth Estate" allowing for greater scrutiny and holding to account the government, the press and the establishment.

  • Data time limit stirs search engine debate

    11 December 2008, Financial Times

    'Ian Brown, privacy expert at the Oxford Internet Institute described Microsoft's pledge as a "positive step forward". "It's a real pity organisations such as Google have resisted reducing their retention rates further."'

  • Russia and China accused of harbouring cybercriminals

    9 December 2008, Times Online

    'Russia and China are protecting gangs of criminals engaged in cybercrimes such as internet fraud, blackmail and money laundering, a study says today': Ian Brown is one of the authors of the annual Virtual Criminology Report

  • Virtual affair leads to real divorce for UK couple

    15 November 2008, Chicago Tribune

    Ellen Helsper comments on the impact of the Web on relationships: 'The online drama shows how emotionally invested some people have become in their virtual identities'

  • Virtual Affair Yields Real Divorce For UK Couple

    14 November 2008, The Huffington Post

    Ellen Helsper comments on the impact of the Web on relationships: 'The online drama shows how emotionally invested some people have become in their virtual identities'

  • How to live and love online

    7 October 2008, BBC News

    'It has often been said that opposites attract but research suggests that initial spark of attraction soon fades and does not make for a long and happy married life': coverage of the 'Me, My Spouse and the Internet' project

  • Grant winners

    4 September 2008, Times Higher Education

    Dr Ian Brown wins research funding for Privacy Value Networks (PVNets) Project, which 'will generate a detailed understanding of individuals' and organisations' conceptions of privacy and identity across a range of contexts and time frames'

  • Experts: Internet filtering and censorship rife

    21 August 2008, CNN.com

    'Believe the conspiracy theories: Out of sight and without your knowledge, governments truly are filtering what you see on the Internet': Jonathan Zittrain and Ian Brown comment on Internet filtering and circumvention

  • How Big Brother watches your every move

    17 August 2008, The Telegraph

    'With every telephone call, swipe of a card and click of a mouse, information is being recorded, compiled and stored about Britain's citizens': Ian Brown comments on user data held by search engines and ISPs

  • MySpace and your research: will red tape hit web data use?

    10 July 2008, Times Higher Education

    'Bill Dutton [...] said the new world of e-research offered all sorts of novel and inexpensive ways of exploring social behaviour, but it also created a whole set of new ethical issues where the "correct norms were still yet to be decided"'

  • Why satnavs are a detective’s best friend

    3 July 2008, New Scientist

    Ian Brown comments on data privacy: 'It seems likely that secure deletion of personal data will become a popular feature of this type of device sooner rather than later," he says.'

  • Victim of its own success

    17 June 2008, BBC Radio 4

    'Life without the internet is unimaginable for the millions who use it every day. But one of the world's leading academics on the impact of the net warns we could be facing its destruction': Jonathan Zittrain discusses the future of the Internet

  • FTC wants to hit the spyware guys where it hurts

    13 June 2008, The Register

    While many spyware opponents seek more effective measures against abusive software that frequently gets installed on consumers' PCs with little notice, not all are enthusiastic supporters of the bill

  • A Safe But Sterile Internet

    9 June 2008, Newsweek

    'In the web counterrevolution that Jonathan Zittrain foresees, users will lose the ability to control content, companies will gain the power to censor data, and security will trump innovation': coverage of Jonathan's new book 'The Future of the Internet'

  • Andrew Keen on New Media

    2 June 2008, The Independent

    Andrew Keen reports on an OII event on the Future of Knowledge: 'Last week I was at Balliol College at Oxford University with Wikipedia co-founder Dr Larry Sanger to debate the proposition that "the internet is the future of knowledge"'

  • Are we losing the virus wars?

    1 June 2008, Prospect

    Jonathan Zittrain writes: 'The openness of 'generative' technologies like the PC and the internet has led to great innovations - but also to an upward spiral of viruses, worms and spam. Such bad code threatens to derail the internet [...]'