• Modern killers turn to video to get message out

    7 November 2007, Reuters

    Ian Brown comments on the posting on YouTube of a clip announcing a school shooting in Finland: '"New technologies like the Internet get used by a very wide range of people and unfortunately including in events like this," he said.'

  • Burma’s cyber-dissidents

    26 September 2007, BBC News

    Ian Brown on the Burmese government's control of Internet use: 'The Burmese government has a very repressive filtering regime... but it can be a bit inconsistent'

  • How do you build a new internet?

    1 August 2007, The Guardian

    'There's a real need to have better identity management, to declare your age and to know that when you're talking to, say, Barclays bank, that you're really doing so,' said Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance and regulation at the OII

  • Oxford survey on internet use in Britain

    26 July 2007, Physorg.com

    The Oxford Internet Institute has released the OxIS Report 2007, the latest report in a series OII surveys that examine internet access, use and attitudes in Britain. A key finding is that a digital divide continues to exist

  • Britons suffering more viruses now than two years ago

    25 July 2007, ComputerWeekly.com

    Viruses and phishing are affecting more Britons than two years ago, according to a major piece of research by Oxford University. The OII's 2007 survey found that 34% of users believe their computer is infected with a virus, up from 18% in 2005

  • Digital divide grows with web use

    25 July 2007, BBC News

    The digital divide in Britain is still pronounced despite growing intensity of internet use [...] The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) found that with two-thirds of Britons online, the poor, the old and the less educated are still losing out

  • Report: UK digital divide still exists

    25 July 2007, BCS News

    A new study has revealed that a digital divide between certain sectors of society still exists in the UK. According to the Oxford Internet Survey Report 2007, men still use the internet more than women for most purposes

  • MySpace & YouTube

    12 April 2007, BBC Radio 4

    Ellen Helsper interviewed: '160 million people worldwide have posted their personal profile on MySpace and use the site to stay in touch with real and virtual friends. The results often make headlines.'

  • UK digital divide to deepen?

    19 March 2007, Silicon.com

    'The digital divide in Blighty could be set to deepen further as offline individuals are left behind their more tech-savvy neighbours'

  • How Stock Spam Works

    8 February 2007, Gelf Magazine

    Jonathan Zittrain tells Gelf: "Maybe some know it's a scam, but think that if they get in early enough, the price will still go up - a classic pyramid scheme."