• Facebook could be forced to share data on effects to the young

    31 January 2019, The Guardian

    Prof Andrew Przybylski, the director of research at the Oxford Internet Institute, said the issue of good quality research was vital, adding that many people’s perception of the effect of social media is largely rooted in hype.

  • Brexit: Could technology ease the Irish border issue?

    30 January 2019, Oxford Mail

    "If there are wonderful technologies that make borders near frictionless, why aren’t they being used elsewhere – or where are they being used?” said Professor Vili Lehdonvirta, associate professor at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute.

  • Screen Time May Be No Worse For Kids Than Eating Potatoes

    14 January 2019, Forbes

    Researchers at the University of Oxford have used data from over 300,000 teenagers and parents in the US and UK to show that time spent staring at computer screens, video games, and smartphones has almost no significant effect on a child's well-being.