• Why Facebook Will Never Die

    24 May 2018, BBC News

    Despite scandals over fake news and data privacy, the social network is unlikely to disappear any time soon

  • Three Signs Google Is Turning to the Dark Side

    21 May 2018, Futurism

    On Friday Gizmodo reported that, sometime near the end of April or the beginning of May, Google removed “don’t be evil” almost entirely from their Code of Conduct. It was only included once, in the very last sentence.

  • What has #MeToo actually changed?

    12 May 2018, BBC News

    The Oscars, the Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival. Until 2017 they were Tinsel Town's glitziest back-slapping forums. Now they're its favourite protest events.

  • A Facebook Employee Allegedly Used His Job to Stalk Women

    3 May 2018, Brit + Co

    Facebook confirms that it has fired a security engineer who allegedly used their position at Facebook to cyberstalk women on Tinder. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook, cyberstalking, and how to stay safe.

  • Malaysian ‘Fake News’ Law Targets Government Critics

    2 May 2018, The Takeaway

    While there is a genuine interest in removing misleading content, there is also concern about potential abuse and threats to free speech when governments create laws against misinformation online.

  • Are our online lives about to become ‘private’ again?

    30 April 2018, BBC News

    There's a strong chance you've recently seen an email or pop-up box offering "some important updates" about the way a social media company or website plans to use your data. Are we about to regain control of our personal information?

  • What happens to your digital remains after you die?

    23 April 2018, Hindustan Times

    Internet activity lives on long after a person dies and firms such as Facebook and experimental start-ups have sought to monetise this content by allowing people to socialise with the dead online.