• Junk news and democracy

    1 June 2017 BBC News

    Researchers at Oxford University have found that the quality of news available to British voters on Twitter is superior to that available to Americans ahead of the election of Donald Trump as president.

  • The rise of the algorithm need not be bad news for humans

    4 May 2017 The Financial Times

    The rise of the algorithm need not be bad news for humans -- but we will need to take care of the digital environment, says Luciano Floridi. The best protection against any algorithmic errors is to put human intelligence back into the equation.

  • The “Goldilocks” Level of Teen Screen Use

    1 May 2017 Scientific American

    It pays to get the time spent on a device just right; Scientific American covers a study on teen screen use by Andrew K. Przybylski and Netta Weinstein, published in Psychological Science.

  • Encouraging African entrepreneurship

    6 April 2017 The Economist

    In Africa, says Nicolas Friederici of Oxford University, incubators have disappointed because they are a supply-side solution: there are still too few promising startups in need of their services.

  • The Gig Economy and the Third World

    6 April 2017 Sputnik News

    Helena Barnard, an author of the OII report ‘The Risks and Rewards of Online Gig Work at the Global Margins' discusses whether the gig economy will boost or destroy the economies of developing countries.