• Heavy social media use linked to teenage blues

    22 January 2018, The Times

    However, other psychologists were sceptical of the strength of the link and questioned whether it showed that social media made teenagers more depressed or that more depressed teenagers used social media more. Comment from Professor Andrew Przybylski.

  • Weekend Woman’s Hour

    20 January 2018, BBC Radio 4

    We hear from three women immersed in the world of cyber security. Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo is a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. [Halfway through the episode]

  • ‘Fixing’ Facebook?

    16 January 2018, BBC Business Daily

    Facebook is changing its news feed algorithms, but will it make engagement on the site more 'meaningful'? We hear how businesses and publishers will be affected from Lisa-Maria Neudert, a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute.

  • Project 10 Podcast: Prof Floridi Talks Online Public Shaming

    16 January 2018, Project 10 Podcast

    Director of the Digital Ethics Lab at the University of Oxford, Prof Luciano Floridi shares some insights on the world of online public shaming and considerations to keep in mind when casting judgements.

  • The Anatomy of the Urban Dictionary

    3 January 2018, MIT Technology Review

    The first large-scale study of the Urban Dictionary provides unique insights into the way our language is evolving.

  • The Gig Economy Isn’t Just For Startups Anymore

    29 August 2017, Fortune

    Coverage of a new report by Gretta Corporaal and Vili Lehdonvirta on how Fortune 500 companies are turning to online freelancing platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour to find designers, marketing staff, IT specialists and other knowledge workers.

  • Interview with Professor Luciano Floridi

    24 August 2017, The FreeThink Tank

    Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford, where he is also the Director of the Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute.