• Twitter Moves to Target Fake Videos and Photos

    5 February 2020, New York Times

    While stopping short of an outright ban, the social media company plans to label or take down material that appears to have been digitally manipulated.


    3 February 2020, UOL

    "O trabalho dignifica, valoriza e enobrece o homem." Na contramão desse ditado, a tecnologia e a automação sempre tiveram propostas mais lenientes: quando os robôs puderem nos dar uma forcinha, finalmente poderemos trabalhar menos.

  • World Business Report: Could gaming be good for your mental health?

    20 January 2020, BBC News

    The BBC's Ivana Davidovic speaks with Ocean Capewell, who used the Sims game to help her deal with tragic loss. Robert Steen discusses the positive impact the community of people playing World of Warcraft had on his son, Mats, who died at the age of 25.

  • The social media giants are becoming digital graveyards

    6 January 2020, CityAM

    In the final weeks of 2019, Twitter announced an imminent cull of inactive accounts. Desultory users risked losing their Twitter handles and having to start building their social media presence all over again.

  • The Silicon Valley insider who says turn off your phone

    4 January 2020, The Times

    Our lives are now ruled by algorithms and apps, our smartphones are as addictive as slot machines. That’s the bad news, says industry whizzkid Tristan Harris. The good news is that Big Tech bosses are taking note. Ben Hoyle reports.

  • UK to create regulator to police big tech companies

    19 December 2019, Financial Times

    The UK government will create a technology regulator next year to police companies such as Facebook and Google after Brexit, according to several people who were involved in the process.

  • Is Screen Time Really Bad for Kids?

    18 December 2019, The New York Times

    The first iPhone was introduced in 2007; just over a decade later, in 2018, a Pew survey found that 95 percent of teenagers had access to a smartphone, and 45 percent said they were online “almost constantly.”

  • Tech Tent: Was it a Facebook election?

    13 December 2019, BBC News

    It was an election in which tens of thousands of targeted adverts from all sorts of organisations reached voters via social media.