• QAnon goes European

    23 October 2020, Politico

    Populists, protesters, conspiracy theorists: How Europe is embracing America’s latest export.

  • Automation, COVID, And The Future Of Work

    16 October 2020, Forbes

    Ever since Oxford's Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne published their paper on the potential for jobs to be automated in 2013, a groundswell of concern has emerged about the impact of the various technologies might have.

  • East And West: AI Worries Divided Down Regional Lines

    12 October 2020, Which-50

    The perceived risk of artificial intelligence is linked to people’s location and profession, according to a new study, with those in the West typically much more concerned about the technology.

  • NASA-style caution needed before allowing research to influence policy

    12 October 2020, Medical Xpress

    Behavioural science should undergo rigorous testing and review before it informs public policy such as government responses to COVID-19, according to a paper in Nature Human Behaviour titled "Use caution when applying behavioural science to policy."

  • Oxford Internet Institute: Public AI opinion is divided

    7 October 2020, Irish Tech News

    In a new study by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, ‘Global Attitudes towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automated Decision Making, analysis shows that public perceptions on the use of AI in public life is divided.

  • Fake news tops list of online concerns worldwide

    5 October 2020, Computer Weekly

    Almost three-quarters of regular internet users recognised at least one of the three main online risks – fake news, cyber bullying and fraud – but fake news ranks as by far and away the biggest concern, according to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s World

  • How Democracy is Hacked

    4 October 2020, Deutschlandfunk

    Can algorithms, internet trolls and malware endanger democracy? In the social networks, false reports, half-truths and interpretations circulate across all borders.