• DeepMind and Oxford University researchers on how to ‘decolonize’ AI

    28 July 2020, Yahoo Finance

    In a moment where society is collectively reckoning with just how deep the roots of racism reach, a new paper from researchers at DeepMind — the AI lab and sister company to Google — and the University of Oxford presents a vision to “decolonize” AI.

  • Why is the Iranian regime wary of Instagram?

    23 June 2020, Deutsche Welle

    Iranian authorities are reportedly mulling a ban on Instagram, a popular social media platform in the Islamic country. DW analyzes why the hardline Shiite regime continues to feel threatened by the power of the internet.

  • Airbus: flying high on the wings of corruption

    17 June 2020, The Conversation

    European authorities have finally decided to make credible justice decisions against firms that use bribery and other forms of corruption to maintain and develop their business.