• GoFundMe Confronts Coronavirus Demand

    26 March 2020, The New York Times

    Americans are turning to crowdfunding to cover coronavirus-related costs while the government prepares to deliver on its stimulus plan. But most campaigns aren’t meeting their goals. Which contributing factors give some more traction than others.

  • Gig workers are at the front line of pandemic

    19 March 2020, Mail & Guardian

    The coronavirus pandemic will affect the most vulnerable groups in our society. That includes those in casual or insecure employment who face loss of income or exposure to the virus, and so need greater protection by governments.

  • Twitter Moves to Target Fake Videos and Photos

    5 February 2020, New York Times

    While stopping short of an outright ban, the social media company plans to label or take down material that appears to have been digitally manipulated.


    3 February 2020, UOL

    "O trabalho dignifica, valoriza e enobrece o homem." Na contramão desse ditado, a tecnologia e a automação sempre tiveram propostas mais lenientes: quando os robôs puderem nos dar uma forcinha, finalmente poderemos trabalhar menos.

  • World Business Report: Could gaming be good for your mental health?

    20 January 2020, BBC News

    The BBC's Ivana Davidovic speaks with Ocean Capewell, who used the Sims game to help her deal with tragic loss. Robert Steen discusses the positive impact the community of people playing World of Warcraft had on his son, Mats, who died at the age of 25.