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The Societal Implications of Networking: A Personal Perspective

12 Oct 2004

Professor Farber has been involved with networking for over 45 years. Starting at Bell Labs and continuing in academia, he has been a key player in many of the US networking activities. He is called by many the Grandfather of the Internet due to his academic children who were among the Fathers of the Internet.

With that background, Professor Farber examines the impact that networking has had on the world and its citizens – not all positive. He comments on the current chaos – spam and other nasties and what, if anything, can be done.

The Moore’s Law growth of network speeds has challenged the technical field to better understand how the future directions in computer hardware, and increases in bandwidth due to all optical networking, will impact future systems and applications. Professor Farber gives his thoughts on the directions with a hope of challenging the listeners to explore this area.