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Policies for Long-term Curation and Preservation within Digital Repositories

4 Jul 2006

The Digital Curation Centre will be delivering a two-day workshop to explore the range of policies required to manage, preserve, and reuse the information held within digital repositories over time.

Developing and implementing a range of policies is vital for enabling the effective management, discovery, and re-usability of information held within digital repositories. This workshop will provide concrete examples of the range and nature of the policies required and share real-life experiences in implementing these policies through a series of case studies and panel discussions. This workshop will be of benefit to individuals and institutions that are interested in implementing policies to manage, preserve, and reuse digital information held within digital repositories over time.

The event will be split over three sessions. The first will examine the policies that can help to ensure that quality information is ingested into a digital repository. The second session will examine the range of policies that can assist with the long-term duration and preservation of information over time. The third session will explore some of the policies that are necessary to enable efficient and effective reuse of information held within repositories. Finally, there will be a forum discussion to allow participants the opportunity to discuss some of the workshop themes in more detail.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Digital Curation