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OxDEG: Liminal and Collaborative Methodologies in Ethnographic Filmmaking

With Dr Alison Kahn
7 Feb 2022
With Dr Alison Kahn

“…road building has always been an act of power, which has at different times been aimed at smoothening relationships, securing borders, (dis)connecting people, enabling trade, creating spaces of contestation, or diluting boundaries between varied ethnic groups.” (Zilpao 2018)

Self-determination in tribal affairs is a contested space, as boundaries are drawn, and contexts not easily understood by outside forces. Dr Alison Kahn’s paper highlights how anthropological insights of liminality (Gennep 1909: 1960; Turner 1967; Sheilds; 1991; MacDougall 2020) informed the collaborative method used in making the film, WE, THE ZEME (2021). Here she discusses the role of Facebook as a collaborative fieldwork experience and as a key factor in the organisation and management processes of the event.

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