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Leonardo Animations, Analysis of Pictorial Space and Rectification of Convex Mirrors (eResearch08 Keynote)

11 Sep 2009

Professor Kemp discusses the application of eresearch technologies for undertaking research in the humanities, with reference to analysis of pictorial space and rectification of convex mirrors in Renaissance art.

Martin Kemp has written and broadcast extensively on imagery in art and science from the Renaissance to the present day. Leonardo da Vinci has been at the centre of this endeavour, and has been the subject of a number of his books and exhibitions, including Leonardo (Oxford University Press 2004). Increasingly, he has focused on issues of visualization, modelling and representation. He writes a regular column on ‘Science in Culture’ in the science journal Nature, an early selection of which has been published as Visualisations (OUP, 2000).

This is a recording of a keynote panel on ‘e-Research, Virtual Witnessing and the Quality of Scholarship’ from the eResearch Conference 2008, University of Oxford. The conference sought to stimulate and inform multi-disciplinary research on the development, use and implications of ICTs such as the Internet in shaping research across the disciplines. It brought together research from key e-Research projects from around the world that are examining the role of the Internet, Web and the Grid in research.