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Internet Freedom: information communication, accessibility and archiving

1 Feb 2023

This is a discussion on censorship-resistance, web archiving and ensuring secure and easy access to information and people on the Internet. We explore the problems of link rot, information permanence, Internet entropy, and the security and privacy of Internet communication.

Our own DPhil student, Andreas Tsamados, will be moderating a discussion between four amazing speakers that have accepted to share their experience and research on addressing some of these difficult problems. The event will consist of an hour long panel discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

The speakers:
Roger Dingledine, Co-Founder of the Tor Project
Natalie Cadranel, Founder and Executive Director of OpenArchive
Mark Graham, Director of the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive
Sam Williams, Founder of Arweave
Lori Roussey, Founder of Data Rights and Data Protection Lead at Oxfam

This talk was hosted by Andreas Tsamados.
1 February, 2023