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ICT4D: The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers thrive and Work does not pay

With Guy Standing
14 Mar 2017
With Guy Standing

The 20th century income distribution system has broken down. The dis-embedded phase of the Global Transformation has led to rentier capitalism and class fragmentation, in which the precariat has become the mass class. It is the progressive part of it that will provide the energy for a renewed progressive politics, although the old mainstream political parties have failed to respond to its insecurities, needs and aspirations.

This presentation focuses on how the precariat is uniquely disadvantaged by rentier capitalism, and on what an appropriate income distribution system should be like if it is to defuse the incipient revolt of the precariat. A premise of the talk is that there can be no return to the labourism that underpinned social democracy in the 20th century.

The hashtag to use for tweeting about this event is: #OXICT4D

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