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Ethics and the Internet

3 Dec 2010

Highlights of a workshop on ethics and the internet held at the Royal Society of Engineering, London, on 3 December 2010, featuring Yorick Wilks (organiser), Luciano Floridi, Jeroen van den Hoven, Aleks Krotoski, Mike Rosner, Ralph Schroeder, Noel Sharkey, Henry Thompson.

Topics covered include:

  • ethical foundations for attitudes to privacy and data protection

  • ethical considerations as a driver for engineering

  • the relationship between theories of ethics and practical considerations

  • the benefits the internet and its negative aspects

  • ethical issues relating to breaches of the anonymity of the unsuspecting

  • the implications for cyberwar and computer-assisted warfare

  • the vulnerabilities of internet-age weapons of war

  • the illusion of individual anonymity online

  • the power of large-scale distributed collaboration