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ECFI 2014: Luciano Floridi: R&D, Marketing, and Growth: An Ecosystem Perspective

3 Apr 2014

Professor Luciano Floridi discusses creating ecosystems of R&D, marketing, and growth at the first European conference on the future of the Internet. He relates that more R&D innovation does not always translate into economic growth without the support of other variables, including a strong marketing effort. As proof, he relates that EU-based companies outperformed the R&D growth of their US counterparts in Industrial Engineering (12.3% vs 9.4%) and in Aerospace & Defence (9.5% vs -1.3%). Floridi argues that the EU needs to act as both an agent and an ecosystem, thereby encouraging investments with high capital intensity and risks as well as providing the human, physical, and social conditions that make R&D more attractive and translatable.