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Video: Professor Margetts acts as an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee

Published on
10 Mar 2011
Written by
Scott A. Hale

Update: 11 March 2011
The Guardian has reported on the committee meeting on its website.

On Tuesday, 8th March, Helen Margetts (Oxford Internet Institute) acted as an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee, which is running an investigation entitled Good Governance: The effective use of Information Technology. The Committee Chair started proceedings by referring to our study, Digital Era Governance, which identified the UK as an outlier in terms of e-government performance, the size and length of information technology contracts and the concentration of the market of computer companies providing services to government. Witnesses were asked a range of questions about procurement and contracting of information technology and the design of government IT projects, probing the reasons why the UK government holds a reputation for IT disasters. The other witnesses were Dr Ian Brown (also from the Oxford Internet Institute) and Dr Edgar Whitley (from LSE). The session can be viewed at and more information is available on the committee’s homepage.

The embeddable video above from requires Microsoft Silverlight, but another version using Windows Media Player format is also available from

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