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Towards a study of information geographies. Here is our full collection of maps

Published on
17 Aug 2015
Written by
Mark Graham

We very recently published a paper that brings together a lot of the internet mapping work that we’ve been doing:

Graham, M., S. De Sabbata, and M. A. Zook. (2015) “Towards a Study of Information Geographies: (im)mutable Augmentations and a Mapping of the Geographies of Information.” Geo: Geography and Environment, doi:10.1002/geo2.8. (HTML version here)

A more detailed description and abstract are available in my earlier post about the piece. But what I didn’t do there is upload all of the maps and visualisations that we include in the paper. So, here they are. Make sure you check out the (open access) paper if you want to know more about the methods, findings, and implications.

NB. Here’s a talk on the same topic that I did for BBC Radio 4 last year (in case you’d like the non-visual version).


InfoGeo_Figure_03_DomainNames InfoGeo_Figure_04_GitHub


InfoGeo_Figure_08_GoogleSearch InfoGeo_Figure_9_OpenStreetMap InfoGeo_Figure_10_Freebase InfoGeo_Figure_11_GeoNames InfoGeo_Figure_12_GeoNames_Population


InternetRepresentation_BarChart-final InternetParitcipation_BarChart-final

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