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Data Science for Local Government

By Jonathan Bright, Bharath Ganesh, Cathrine Seidelin, and Thomas Vogl
Cover of Data Science for Local Government

Data science has the potential to enhance the delivery of public services in the UK; artificial intelligence, for example, might enable different forms of interaction between local authorities and citizens. However, data science is still rarely used in UK local government work, because in doing data science authorities face a number of crucial barriers.

Based on extensive documentary review, a nationwide survey of local authorities, and in-depth interviews with over 30 practitioners, this report sets out those barriers, as well as pointing out where data science is being used successfully today. It lays out just how UK local governments can best make use of data science, offering recommendations for practitioners who want to put data science to work in a productive, ethical, and accountable way.


Publication date:
April 2019

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