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Positions Filled: Three Research Appointments in Computational Social Science

Published on
21 Jun 2016
Written by
Philip Howard

**Update 23/09/2016 These posts have been filled, but we will likely advertise again, along similar themes, in a year.

We are looking for three talented researchers to join our team of computational social scientists at Oxford.  Ideally, we’d like to have one person interested in the sociology of algorithmic production, another interested in the policy implications of bots, and another in the computational analysis of political bots and botnets.

The full job descriptions are available on the Oxford University website.

Please note these appointments can be made as “predocs” OR “postdocs”.  Of course there are some time, location, and immigration regulations to abide by.  But please look at our activities and output and if this is something that fits your research interests and career goals please consider applying.

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