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NodeXL / Network Workshop at UKSNA

Published on
9 Jun 2011
Written by
Bernie Hogan

I’m giving a one day workshop at the upcoming UK Social Networks Association conference in Greenwich. The workshop is on Wednesday, July 6th. Registration is still open.

Here’s the write up from the page on short course :

From data to discovery: NodeXL for social network capture, analysis and visualisation

This workshop will familiarise attendees with the tools to begin social network capture, analysis and visualisation, especially the analysis of data from the web, such as tweets, Facebook friendships and hyperlinks. While the workshop is focused on social media, it is applicable to a host of social networks, such as 2-mode, ego networks and whole networks.

The workshop will quickly cover some of the basic topics in data collection and analysis and move on to visualisation through the NodeXL package. This software, designed by consortium of HCI specialists, social scientists and technologists from Microsoft Research is designed to make the discovery of patterns with social networks straightforward and intuitive.

By working with data already in Excel, NodeXL makes the preparation of network data sets simple and enables the researcher to focus most directly on analysis and intuition building. By having data capture tools embedded directly, it also serves as an extensive and highly customisable way to capture data, not just analyse it.

NodeXL is a free download but requires Microsoft 2007 or 2010 for Windows (Mac users need to use Bootcamp or Parallels). It is designed by the nascent Social Media Research Foundation, and already is actively used by both industry and academic researchers. A learner’s guide and academic text, ‘Analysing Social Media with NodeXL’ was published last year by Morgan Kaufman.

Topics covered include:

  1. Network types and network metrics
  2. Intuition building through visualisation
  3. Coupling metrics and visualisation
  4. NodeXL as a data capture tool (Twitter, WWW, Email, Facebook)
  5. Importing and exporting data and images from NodeXL
  6. Advanced NodeXL Features: Groups, Automation, Macros.

Its a tall order, but I’ve already done a few of these workshops so far, and I can guarantee it will be fast paced, engaging and hopefully insightful. If you are interested in have any questions, feel free to email me. The course costs £100 (and £50 for students).

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