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New Publication: Why Electronic Voting?

Published on
3 Dec 2014

This week my EINS colleagues Marco Prandini and Laura Sartori from the University of Bologna will be in Hong Kong to present our paper on electronic voting at the CeDem Asia 2014 Conference. This International Conference on e-Democracy and Open Government aims to bring together researchers, policy-makers, industry professionals, and civil society activists to discuss the role of social and mobile media in the future of citizenship and governance, and analyze current research, best practices, and emerging topics that are shaping the future of e-government, e-democracy and open government in Asia and around the world.

Scientists have been studying electronic voting for 30 years, and some countries have been using it for almost 20 years. Yet, arguments in favor of its adoption or against it usually take into account only a limited subset of the issues at stake. As we show in this paper, no study has ever tried to draw a comprehensive picture of the interplay between social and technical aspects of the voting process. We claim that this kind of interdisciplinary research is needed for the scientific community to be able to exert its positive influence on stakeholders. We propose some urgent research questions that to our knowledge have no clear answer.

Prandini, M., L. Sartori and A. Oostveen (2014) Why Electronic Voting? International Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM Asia 2014), 4-5 December 2014, Hong Kong.