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Jing on innovation diffusion and the future of the Internet

Published on
12 Apr 2015
Written by
Private: Tim Davies

Jing (Nikki) Jing arrived in 2011 from the University of Edinburgh and the South China University of Technology, studying BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Business Studies and BSc Information Engineering respectively. Now a data business analyst in Amazon EU, responsible for data warehousing, metrics generation and analysis, Jing met with Tim Davies to discuss her time at the OII.


Tim: What first attracted you about the OII?

Jing: The OII is one of the few places in the world with a high reputation that offers an MSc degree relating to the Internet, and the Internet is something I have always wanted to study systematically. I am fascinated by how people’s everyday communication and decision-making changes due to the Internet. Hence, my thesis investigated the diffusion of information and behaviour on the Internet, taken from the Chinese social networking site, to statistically test social science theories on innovation diffusion.

Tim: If you were asked to make one prediction about the future of the Internet, what would that be?

Jing: My big worry is to see the Internet being breaking down into pieces ruled by each nation state. People from different nations would not be able to share the same information on the Internet. This would be a big loss especially for societies with poor social, economic and political development.

Tim: What do you miss most about Oxford?

Jing: The collision of ideas.

Tim: And finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jing: I would like to become a people manager in the future, responsible for new product development.

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