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ZigZagmag Virtual Newsroom: Internet and Media Development

Date & Time:
14:00:00 - 15:30:00,
Tuesday 8 April, 2008


The BBC World Service Trust’s ZigZag project team has created an interactive virtual newsroom to enable aspiring Iranian journalists to generate high quality content for a variety of BBC platforms, including the BBCPersian website and the ZigZag Radio show, broadcast weekly on BBC World Service airwaves. In this newsroom trainee journalists are mentored and guided into output which stands up to professional editorial scrutiny by BBC standards.

The project has produced an audience-focused online space where young Iranian trainees from all over the country can experience the day-to-day activities and interactions of an online newsroom in Farsi. This works alongside mentored iLearn (the BBC World Service Trust’s online learning tool) journalism courses.

The ZigZag online newsroom, accessible to trainees only, was launched on 30th March 2007 as the buzzing engine room of, the public-facing website where selected articles written by trainees are published.

This seminar will cover a summary of ZigZag’s history, objectives, activties, achievements to date and research findings. The project has been supported by extensive research including web surveys, e-surveys, online interviews and webmetrics analysis.

About the BBC World Service Trust

The BBC World Service Trust uses the creative power of media and communications to help reduce poverty and promote human rights. The Trust believes that independent and vibrant media are critical to the development of free and just societies. We share the BBC’s ambition to provide accurate, impartial and reliable information to enable people to make informed decisions. To achieve this we partner with civil society, the media and governments to build long-term development solutions.

The Research and Learning Group (R&L) is an international group of research professionals from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the UK, who have been recruited and trained by the BBC World Service Trust to specialise in media and audience research.

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