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We need to talk about misogynoir: detecting and preventing online abuse against Black women

With Dr Julia Slupska, and Mutale Nkonde
Date & Time:
13:00 - 14:00,
Wednesday 25 October, 2023
1 St Giles
How to attend:
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This talk will cover Glitch’s new research, “Digital Misogynoir Report: ending the dehumanising of Black women online”, which presents a large scale data study of almost 1 million posts across 5 major social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, 4chan and Gab. The report maps the prevalence of digital misogynoir online, documenting the continued use of toxic tropes to silence and harm Black women, as well as the connections between misogynoir and broader structures like white supremacy, antisemitism, and conspiracy theories like great replacement theory. We also identify calls to action for tech companies, governments, researchers, and digital citizens to dismantle digital misogynoir.

About Glitch: Glitch is an award charity working to end online abuse and make the internet a safer place for everyone, particularly Black women.

Bio: Julia is Head of Policy, Research & Campaigns at Glitch (maternity cover). Prior to joining Glitch, she completed a PhD in Cybersecurity at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford. Her research focused on online safety in the context of intimate partner violence and coercive control. As a part of this research, she co-founded re:configure, a feminist research collective which organised digital security workshops with groups like survivors of image-based sexual abuse, environmental activists, and migrant domestic workers.