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Universal Access to all Knowledge

Date & Time:
17:00:00 - 18:30:00,
Monday 24 May, 2004


The goal of universal access to our cultural heritage is within our grasp. With current digital technology we can build comprehensive collections, and with digital networks we can make these available to students and scholars all over the world.

The current challenge is establishing the roles, rights, and responsibilities of our libraries and archives in providing public access to this information. With these roles defined, our institutions will help fulfil this epic opportunity of our digital age.

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  • Name: Brewster Kahle
  • Affiliation: Founder and digital librarian, the Internet Archive
  • Role:
  • URL:
  • Bio: Brewster Kahle is the founder and digital librarian for the Internet Archive (IA). He is also on the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Brewster started the IA in 1996 with his own money, which he earned from the sale of two separate Internet search programs: WAIS, which was bought by AOL, and Alexa Internet, which was bought by Amazon. He has been spending his own money to keep the IA going for the last six years, and in 2003 received some grants and corporate sponsorship.