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The Virtual Agora Project: Final Report and Future Directions

Date & Time:
15:00:00 - 16:30:00,
Thursday 9 November, 2006


The Virtual Agora Project was launched in Fall, 2002 at Carnegie Mellon University with a three-year National Science Foundation grant (since extended for a fourth year) to develop and test video, audio, and text-based tools to support collaborative information sharing and structured public discussion about civic issues. It was led by the research team of Peter Shane, who functioned as Principal Investigator, Peter Muhlberger, who designed and implemented the project’s social science program, and Robert Cavalier, who focused most intensely on the design of the project’s online environment for deliberation.

Professor Shane will report on the project’s methods, findings, products, and challenges, and discuss directions in which he hopes to see this research extended, principally toward the incorporation of Virtual Agora-type tools in actual processes of government decision making.

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  • Name: Professor Peter M. Shane
  • Affiliation: Joseph S. Platt/Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur Professor of Law and
    Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Law and Policy Studies, The Ohio State
    University Moritz College of Law
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