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The Use of AI in HR: Challenges and Opportunities for AI Recruitment Technology

24 Nov 2021

The use of AI within HR is on the rise. This includes the use of talent and performance analytics, workplace monitoring, as well as the increasing use of recruitment technology. These rapid changes within the workplace are impacting the opportunities of millions of people and actively shaping the labour market, with the potential to worsen socio-economic inequalities. While there has been a lot written on this topic from both industry and academia, there has been very little discussion or dialogue between the two.

This panel discussion includes speakers from both the tech industry and from academia and will be driven by practical questions on the challenges and opportunities of AI in HR settings, in particular AI recruitment technology. The panel will discuss how and why these technologies have emerged, how they are designed, and how they intersect with issues such as discrimination, bias, data privacy and protection, consent, and wellbeing. The event hopes to attract members of the public as well as those in industry and academia.

This project is funded by the Minderoo AI Challenge Fund and externally partnered with, and supported by, The Women’s Forum for Economy and Society.


  • Jonathan Black (Chair) – Director of the University of Oxford Careers Service and Professorial Fellow at New College, Oxford
  • Dr Nigel Guenole – Senior Lecturer and Director of Research for the Institute of Management at Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Khyati Sundaram – CEO at Applied
  • Dr Ali Siminovsky – Director of Product Science at The Predictive Index
  • Dr Sarah Myers West – Postdoctoral Researcher at AI Now Institute, New York University

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