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The Struggle over Internet Governance: Searching for Common Ground (closed workshop)

Date & Time:
09:00:00 - 17:30:00,
Friday 6 May, 2005


The forum itself, on 6th May, will be restricted to invited participants only. As far as possible, the subject matter of the forum will be decided by its participants, within the overall framework outlined by the convenors. Thus, although a preliminary structure for the day will be provided, based on the questions posed above, the precise content and focus for each session will be shaped by the views of participants as expressed in short position papers on what they see as the most pressing aspects of Internet governance, which all participants will be asked to provide. The position papers will be circulated to all participants before the event so that issues arising from them can inform the day’s discussion, without the papers being presented at the forum itself. After the event, a synthesis of the discussions and position papers will be prepared and distributed as an OII Forum Discussion paper.

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