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The State of Open Data with Mor Rubinstein

Date & Time:
17:00 - 18:00,
Tuesday 4 June, 2019


It’s been 10 years since open data first broke onto the global stage. Over the past decade, thousands of programmes and projects around the world have worked to open data and use it to address a myriad of social and economic challenges.

Meanwhile, issues related to data rights and privacy have moved to the centre of public and political discourse. As the open data movement enters a new phase in its evolution, shifting to target real-world problems and embed open data thinking into other existing or emerging communities of practice, big questions remain.

How will open data initiatives respond to new concerns about privacy, inclusion, and artificial intelligence? And what can we learn from the last decade in order to deliver impact where it is most needed?

The State of Open Data brings together over 60 authors from around the world to address these questions and more, taking stock of the real progress made to date and uncovering the issues that will shape the future of open data in the years to come.

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