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The Next Level in e-Learning

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Thursday 22 January, 2004


New e-learning technologies are too often used in traditional ways. How do schools – primary, secondary and even post-secondary – move beyond traditional educational paradigms and practices to reconfigure the learning process in and out of the classroom? Are traditional practices still best practice? If not, what can teachers, administrators and researchers, as well as those in government and public policy, do to enable more innovative e-learning approaches to develop within schools?

This forum aims to explore the potential offered by more widespread use of the Internet in learning as well as identifying some of the most significant factors inhibiting or encouraging its creative use.

These events are organised by the Oxford Internet Institute in collaboration with the Dept of Educational Studies (University of Oxford) with kind support from: Microsoft Ltd and the Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS).

Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS)Microsoft

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  • Affiliation: Head of e-Learning Strategy Unit, DfES|Author of Megatrends|University of New Mexico
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