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The Modelling4All Project: A web-based modelling tool embedded in Web 2.0

Date & Time:
14:00:00 - 15:00:00,
Tuesday 26 May, 2009


The Modelling4All Project is building a web-based tool for constructing, running, visualising, analysing, and sharing agent-based models. These models can be constructed by non-experts by composing pre-built modular components called micro-behaviours. We are attempting to seed and nurture a Web 2.0 community to support modelling. Models, micro-behaviours, lesson plans, tutorials, and other supporting material can be shared, discussed, reviewed, rated, and tagged.

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  • Name: Dr Ken Kahn
  • Affiliation: Senior Researcher, Oxford University Computing Services, and Researcher,
    London Knowledge Lab
  • Role:
  • URL:
  • Bio: Ken Kahn is a senior researcher at the Oxford University Computing Services and a researcher at the London Knowledge Lab. The focus of his research is making programming and computer modelling accessible to a wide audience. He is the creator of ToonTalk, a programming language used by young children. His earlier research at MIT, Uppsala University, and Xerox PARC was focused on AI and programming language design.