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The Changing Context of Global Business and IT

Date & Time:
08:30:00 - 09:30:00,
Wednesday 4 March, 2009


The context of global business and information technology is changing dramatically. In the midst of a challenging global economy, there continues to be a massive increase in new people, applications, businesses and services around the world coming online daily. It is leading many to wonder if it is time to rethink visions and strategies of the ITC and Internet industry. Disruptive change to the industry has a tendency to open opportunities to disruptive new technologies.

Peter Ryan will lead a roundtable discussion by describing some of the key trends he sees in his role as the executive responsible for global sales and operations at Sun, including developments in emerging markets; the value of ‘open’; the emergence of new global influencers and communities, such as students, developers, governments, policy makers; and how the combination of these trends is changing the role of the network and global adoption of technology.

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  • Name: Peter Ryan
  • Affiliation: Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Services for Sun
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  • Bio: Peter Ryan is Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Services for Sun Microsystems, where he is responsible for unified worldwide sales, services and marketing organization. Ryan’s worldwide team, combined with Sun’s partner community, represents one of the largest and experience-rich channels in the technology marketplace, spanning the globe in every industry, product category, and area of technical and business pursuit. Peter Ryan joined Sun in 2006 and has previously served as Senior Vice President of Global Sales for the Americas Region and as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Services in Europe, Middle East and Africa.