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Symposium on Relationships and the Internet

With Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Bernie Hogan, and Dr Nicole Ellison
Date & Time:
10:00, Friday 9 December -
13:00, Saturday 10 December, 2011


This symposium is designed to engage a small group of academic researchers producing scholarship on how online contexts such as online dating and social media are facilitating and hindering personal, social and romantic relationships.

The symposium will consist of a day of presentations and discussions of working papers, organized around panels, followed by an optional half-day interactive data workshop, focusing on approaches to the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data on relationships (workshop members will be able to work collaboratively with each other using their respective data sets). The organizers will work with participants to produce short video clips for possible webcasting after the event, and which may be included in a short summary of the symposium.

The symposium and workshop are activities of the ‘Me, My Spouse and the Internet Project’ (MMI) at the OII, supported by a grant from eHarmony. This is the fourth in a series of meetings organized by the project.

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