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Socio-Economic Certainties and Change for the Future Internet

Date & Time:
09:00 - 17:00,
Wednesday 20 June, 2012


The Future Internet is arriving, and stakeholders from a diversity of ICT roles in industry and research need to be on top of the expanding societal and economic issues that surround their lives.

You will immediately recognize the issues themselves: transparency, trust, internet connectivity, digital media rights, and social network privacy, just to name a few of the many timely discussions we follow. These heated topics were once limited to those innovators “in the know”, but today they are embedded deeply in the world’s globalized economy and online society, prioritizing these discussions to the forefront of our interests and Europe’s Digital Agenda. Whether applying it to the ICT stakeholders of a diversifying value chain or the research of Europe’s upcoming Horizon 2020, understanding the socio-economic aspects of our work will be a catalyst to our success in the Future Internet.

The European FP7 funded initiative SESERV (Social Economics Services for Europe) recognizes this importance. For the past two years we’ve been collaborating with commercial stakeholders and researchers to show how socio-economic analysis is an added-value to their everyday work and investigation. To continue this important message, the project will host a workshop in June, featuring analysis and thought leadership in the Future Internet ecosystem: such as internet provision, Cloud computing, networked media and the “internet of things”.

‘Socio-Economic Certainties and Change for the Future Internet’ will take place on 20th June in Brussels, bringing you a constructive day of dynamic discussion and in-depth analysis ahead of the week’s Digital Agenda Assembly.

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